Sustainable Success In Every

Project We Create With

Our Expert Team

ESC is an engineering organisation produces technical projects include multidisciplinary services. We gain the appreciation and trust of our customers with our continuous improvement activities that we nurture with the spirit of solidarity, innovation and honesty displayed by our employees and partners.



Information System

ESC’s GIS experts are ready to digitize maps, plans, charts and other graphic documents according to geographic and cartography principles.

Digital World of Big


Whether a business is established or new-to-market, internet speeds, access and reliability matter to companies of all sizes looking to streamline business operations in the increasingly digital world. When the time comes for a company to make decisions about their telecom business including fiber and coax, ESC is strong partner with variety of engineering services.

BIM coordination technologies in the building lifecycle

ESC Designers can help you with all types of buildings ranging from commercial construction like shopping malls, hospitals, schools, airports to residential areas. We can replicate the sophisticated carvings, domes, archways of buildings and structures.

Energy Usage and Electrical Design for Today, Tomorrow and The Future

Our Electrical Engineers & CAD designers have wide-ranging experience and unambiguous understanding of HV & LV electrical calculations, designs & schematics, electrical plans, circuit layouts, wiring diagram and planning requirements for various type electrical project of our clients around the globe. We have been offering our Electrical Design Services for over 10years now and successfully completed many projects in Industrial and Building Services for our International Clients.

Your path to success

with mobile mapping

Quickly and cost-effectively collect your large inventory of assets such as street lights, traffic signs, trees, manhole covers, billboards and more.

Sustainable Success

In Every Project We Create With
Our Expert Team


Information System

Digital world of big


BIM technologies

main coordination tool
during construction

Advanced technology is used to design your electrical system

Determine how power
will be generated throughout your facility


GIS Services

Telecom Services

Electrical Services

BIM Services

Mobile Mapping


Future Proof Design Solutions

Our designers have embraced “future-proof” concepts to enhance their designs. Decisions of design must be functionally flexible, adjust-able, mobile, and durable

Execution Consultancy

Our team is not limited with only design of project needs. We have been advising organizations and senior executives on strategy. We work closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that fit their needs and support their strategic ambitions.

QA/QC Inspections

Our QA/QC inspectors perform fabrication inspection and verification of the manufacturing process. Inspectors conduct visual inspections of material for conformace with the approved specifications, plans and codes, as well as verification of Certified Material Test Reports (CMTR) for materials used.