380kV Substation point cloud to Bim model

Substation 3D Modeling services to addresses power industry challenges by accelerating substation design. Substation modeling uniquely leverages an intelligent information model to provide integrated 3D physical and electrical systems design. The result in eliminating errors, reducing rework & also a drastic reduction in manual work.

The main objectives for implementation of 3D design is to perform clearance assessment, verify construction feasibility, to enable better visualization of design aspects and improving quality of deliverables.

Within this project to plan the remodeling and expansion of the substation, the first step was to measure its distances, angles and areas, with millimetric accuracy. Hereby, all points in the point cloud has been created in BIM model. Final product has been settled to utilized in further calculations and checks

Project Details

Project 380kV Substation point cloud to Bim model

Volume 380kV Substation