Den Helder Port Shore Power Projects

We are thrilled to highlight ESC Engineering’s pivotal role in the successful completion of the Shore Power Projects at Den Helder Port in collaboration with our esteemed client, Engie.

Scope: ESC Engineering led the project with expertise in engineering, fabrication, assembly, testing, and the timely delivery of crucial components, including:

A. Concrete Power Stations (MV Kiosk)

1. Concrete Kiosk
2. Medium Voltage Panel
3. Low Voltage Panel

B. Shore Power Panels
A total of 29 Shore Power Panels were expertly designed and implemented.

Precision in Assembly
Our assembly team ensured a seamless integration process, delivering excellence from the robust Concrete Power Stations to the intricate Shore Power Panels and Low Voltage Installations.

Project Details

Project: Den Helder Port Shore Power Projects