FTTS, Netherlands

These works, which are called FTT-S & POC, are generally field-based (Fiber to the Site) fiber engineering services provided by VodafoneZiggo to other customers.

This service is generally intended for telecom service infrastructure providers. (Ericson vs….)

Our aim in this concept is to make connections by delivering 1 fiber bundle through the ring system of VodafoneZiggo’s infrastructure to the Antenna & Base station service area to be established at the desired location.

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– Phase 1

* The antenna & station address to be installed is checked, the occupancy rate of the nearest port is checked,

* Telecom lines going to or passing near this address are examined, it is checked whether the existing line can be used,

* Phase 1, which we can call preliminary design, is the first work drawing. According to this drawing, engineering is also done in VodafoneZiggo’s software in their own server environment. A “Workpack” for this engineering is created and made to be delivered to the field staff.

* The first license application for the drawing is requested from the municipality and ground survey reports are received.

* Then, the companies we work with in the Netherlands send us all the documents prepared and a Site Survey report.

Phase 2

  • According to field reports we do some adjustments (if it’s necessary) and finalized of engineering.
  • The drawing is corrected accordingly field report and finalized in other network programs.
  • Cost table and material lists are created.
  • Estimated Profit & Cost rates are calculated.
  • A “werkmap” file containing all the reports needed by the field staff, such as dimensioning, welding diagrams, etc., is created and delivered to our partner company with all files.

Project Details

Project FTTS

Volume Noord and Northwest sides of Netherlands