RENSEC on 380kV High Voltage Stations

TenneT is one of Europe’s largest transmission grid operator and currently replacing the secondary installation in its stations.By secondary installations we mean the equipment in the station that does not directly distribute electricity, but is indispensable for the proper functioning of that high-voltage station. This concerns the control, measurement and security of the station. In many stations the control is more than 30 years old and is replaced during the various RenSec programs. Plase see below for 380kV station list that we completed secondary design.

  • Ens (ENS380)
  • Hengelo (HGL380)
  • Dodewaard (DOD380)
  • Dotinchem (DTC380)
  • Zwolle (ZL380)
  • Vijfhuizen (VHZ380)
  • Eindhoven (EHV380)
  • Geertruidenberg (GT380)

Project Details

Project RENSEC380: Renovation Secondary
installation on 380kV High Voltage Stations of Tennet

Volume 8 Substation