Incirlik, Adana Fire Station Upgrade

Our involvement in the upgrade of the fire station at Incirlik Air Base, commissioned by the US Army Corps of Engineers, showcases a commitment to modernizing infrastructure for enhanced safety standards.

Design and Expansion: The primary objective is to design and expand the current fire station facilities at Incirlik Air Base. The focus is on providing a cutting-edge solution aligning with the stringent requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Electrical Design: This upgrade includes the installation of a new panel, sub-distribution panels, main feeder cable, building interior cables, and pipes. The electrical system upgrade ensures a robust and efficient power distribution network for the fire station.

Lighting and Safety Systems: Integration of modern lighting fixtures, including LED lighting, dimmer switches, emergency lighting, LED exit lights, and a state-of-the-art fire alarm system, enhances safety and functionality.

Project Details

Project: Incirlik, Adana Fire Station Upgrade