NorthC Data Center, Eindhoven Project Overview

The NorthC Data Center in Eindhoven, situated on the renowned High Tech Campus (HTC), spans 2,500 m². As a focal point for innovation and technological advancement with 180 leading companies, the campus aligns perfectly with the vision of our client.

🔧 Our Contribution: Our dedicated team took charge of modeling the entire mechanical and electrical installations for this state-of-the-art facility. This encompassed ventilation, heating & cooling, sanitary systems (waste and rainwater), domestic cold water & fire systems, lighting, power (including hydrogen backup generators), cable trays, busbars, and data infrastructure.

🌐 Innovation Meets Precision: This project not only adds to the technological prowess of Eindhoven, but also showcases our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions in the ever-evolving data center landscape.

    Project Details

    Project: NorthC Data Center, Eindhoven

    Volume: 2,500 m²